DIY Tabletop Jewelry Display

Want to see how I make tabletop hanging jewelry displays?  Watch below.   Advertisements


Adaptability is my Superpower

No two shows are the same. Even with the same people and the same organizer, one show will differ from another. You have to be adaptable.

Our DIY Barber Pole

Booth displays adapt over time. Ours seems to have a renovation every year. Even though I think we have settled down on re-building our display every year, we still add to it. One of the things that we decided to add is a barber pole. After looking at barber poles where the real ones are…

Ever Feel Insulted?

Monica and I were recently at a market when this young man (late 20’s maybe?) breezed through our booth and glanced at my pen display. I can’t remember everything he said but on his way his out he said “Nice, but 79 bucks?”. 

Your Display

Your display is the heart of your booth. There are very few hard rules regarding your display. The only one that I can think of is “Safety First”. Make sure that it is safe not only for you, but your customers in particular. The cutting boards I make are displayed on a three-level shelf. I’m…