It’s All About Location


We were recently at a church show. We had an outside booth in a decent location. However, the church also had inside booths. Overall, there were more than 100 vendors at this show. We did not do well at this market and the reason was because of location.

Being isolated from the crowd can affect sales

This is a show that we would not do again unless we had an inside booth in a better location.

Our location was far away from the entrance to the show. After people entered the show and shopped the inside booths, they likely had very little energy (or money) left to visit the outside booths.

At another church show we were at, we were also outside. The biggest difference is that people walked through the outside booths in order to get to the inside booths. Foot traffic patterns were very different here and we did much better.

So be aware of traffic patterns at markets and shows to be able to make a better decision


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