During my career in the IT field working for various Fortune 100 companies, I never quite felt a sense of accomplishment. Sure, technology is awesome and the money is great, but there is nothing like the feeling of making something with your own two hands and selling it to someone you have never met before. What makes it even better is when they come back because they love it so much!

My name is Brady. This is my mid-life crisis adventure.

After meeting the woman of my dreams in 2006, she has enabled me to fulfill my dreams of creating with wood. After being a woodworking hobbyist (and selling a few things here and there), she prodded me to “go pro” and make things for sale to others. She helped me realize that there is much more to life than money and professional stature.

Her name is Monica. She is my all.

After my last corporate training contract expired in 2014 I listened to my gut and moved the car out of the garage. Today, the garage is now my studio where I turn pens, make cutting boards, turn hand crafted razors and make whatever inspires me.

Monica also felt that urge to make things. After trying her hand at every craft known to mankind short of cave drawings, she realized that she was happiest when she was making soap with her grand mother. Today, she is a soap maker. And happy.

Our debut market was in November, 2014 at a Farmers Market close to where we live. It also corresponded to other life events such as our anniversary, my mom’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, and both my son’s birthdays. Coincidence? Probably, but the jury is out on that one. Major life things seem to happen in November for me.

Today, in early 2017, we are at multiple markets per month, at least one festival each month, two retail locations and have a fledgling online business.

It hasn’t been easy. There are a lot of things that I wish I would have known in 2014 that would have made the journey easier. It is my intent to share the things that I have learned with others that want to also follow their passions and journey into local farmer’s markets, craft markets or festivals.

Welcome to my blog.


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  1. Abbie says:

    This is such a huge mental step, congratulations!

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