Your Worst Enemy at a Market

There can me lots of conflicting personalities at the various markets that you sell at. You might not get along with everyone there. This is easy to address if you keep your wits about you and focus on your business instead of theirs. However, there is a bigger enemy that you may have to battle directly – the weather.

Its summer time here in Southeast Texas and the temperature is continuing to rise each and every day. We sold at two markets yesterday; one in the morning and one at night. Even though these markets are held during reasonably temperate hours of the day, the concern for the heat is for the attendees and not necessarily the vendors. The hours of setup and tear down are much longer than the hours the market is open.

While it is only in the 90’s here during the hottest part of the day, the humidity is also approaching the 90’s. Working in this heat can be dangerous. I know some of you read this and think that since you work in 100+ degree weather, I’m just being a wuss. You may be right and that is the point. Understand what you yourself are capable of handling.

You might be used to 100+ degree weather but I bet that if the temperature falls into the 30’s in the winter time that you might not be able to handle it. Likewise, if you are used to lower temperatures with no humidity, a beautiful 80 degree day in Houston with 85 percent humidity might just put you down.

Take the appropriate supplies with you. A cooler with Gatorade and ice packs will likely serve you well when, like me, you become a little too close to heat stroke. It happened to both me and Monica yesterday where we had to sit and down some Gatorade because of the heat.

We have seen people succumb to the heat many times at the markets that we have been at. Having a wet paper towel, some water or Gatorade, and an ice pack for the back of the neck can literally be a lifesaver for someone.

They even make battery-powered portable fans that will last all day if you use it on the low setting. This one from Ryobi is one of my favorites. It even plugs in if you are in a place with electricity available. This cool little fan (pun intended) doubles as a mister if you use it with a bucket of water.

Remember that while the attendees to a market might complain about the heat, they aren’t the ones that are setting up tables and tents. They aren’t the ones hauling boxes of products. If they are complaining about the heat, you should be very prepared to work in the same heat while they shop.

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