Fringe Benefits of Being a Vendor

Without a doubt, the food is the best fringe benefit of being a vendor.


When we make a cash sale, we tend to use whatever cash we have to eat on while we are at a market. Yes, we still track the cash sale for tax purposes, but we take an owner draw to buy lunch. I always look forward to the food vendors at a market because I am almost always going to find something that is a new culinary experience.

In June, we were at a Tomato Festival at Harvest Green in Richmond, Texas selling our wares. Harvest Green is a sustainable living community with their own farmers on site that share the communities harvest.

Since it was a celebration of all things tomatoes, I just had to get a BLT and T (bacon, lettuce, ¬†tomatoes and tomatoes) from the food truck. This food truck from Renegade Kitchen and Catering had only been in operation for three days. I didn’t know it when I ordered but it wouldn’t have mattered – I’m adventurous when in comes to food.

That was the BEST BLT that I’ve ever had! They did an outstanding job taking an everyday sandwich and making it absolutely stellar. Organic bacon served with spring greens and freshly harvested tomatoes with extra tomatoes!

The East End Street Market on Navigation Boulevard in Houston’s historic Third Ward, somehow attracted one of the winners of a popular cooking show. She happens to specialize in Thai cuisine and her food added a new dimension to my palate!

Even something as mundane as a hamburger can become a new culinary experience when prepared by the right hands. This was the case at Discovery Green in June when Monica and I took a break to grab a bite. While none of the food trucks looked to be all that good, our pick provided proof that looks can be deceiving as we devoured the two fabulous burgers that we bought.

From gourmet hot dogs to hamburgers and even fries covered in chicken and gravy, you have the opportunity to really expand your palate when you are a vendor. After all, food trucks serve vendors as well as attendees to a market. Sometimes they even offer vendor discounts.

So plan ahead and take some cash for food. After all, you can eat healthy on non-market days.


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