Love is Not an Ingredient

According to the FDA, including “love” as an ingredient in your regulated product is not okay. In an article published by the New Haven Register on October 4, 2017, the FDA intervened in a local granola maker and told them to take “love” off of their ingredients list.

Whether you agree with this ruling or not, it is imperative that you understand any regulations that your product may be regulated by. The FDA has very specific guidelines that must be followed for many industries. Even if the FDA does not regulate your product, be very aware of any state and local regulations that may apply.  Even the market itself is subject to rules and regulations that you may or may not be aware of.

Here in Texas, the state regulations are relatively easy to find simply by doing a Google search for the product in question. Your state or locality most likely has a website that will answer these questions.

Staying in compliance with regulations is easy, but it is also easy to fall out of compliance. My mother made the recommendation that we serve cheese on the cheese boards that I was making last year. Seems like a great idea, right? Well if we did that, we would have to get a health certificate and get a license for every market we went to. We would also be subject to health inspections. It is far more of a pain to do that than it is worth.

Monica’s products are regulated by the FDA. While the regulations are not as strict for a business our size, we still must be aware and follow the regulations. This is frustrating to do when there are people at markets making claims that their product can cure cancer or grow hair. Even if it were true, you can’t say that without jumping through major FDA hurdles.

We had a guy at market a while back who wanted us to carry his particular shampoo that was “guaranteed to grow hair”. Among his directions was the phrase “continue to use regularly even if advised not to by a dermatologist“. We politely declined.

Representing your products correctly and staying within the regulations is a big deal. You could be fined or even sent to prison if you do not follow the local and federal guidelines.

This article is just one of many examples – “Amish man sentenced to 6 years”

Even though essential oils may have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, our soaps and skin care products cannot be sold as such; even if it is true. While I have opinions about many of these laws and regulations, it is irrelevant. It is much easier to stay within the guidelines than to deal with the issues that can arise from not following them.

So the FDA says that love is not an ingredient. Of course it is. You have to love what you are doing as a vendor at markets. What do they know? Do they list love as an ingredient in their regulations?

See you at market!


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