8 Dollar Day

Some sales days are excellent. Some not so much.

We were invited to do a popup in a local retail store. We are always flattered when we are asked to do something like this. Its nice to be noticed and appreciated. However, not every opportunity will result in a huge deposit into our checking account.

I had heard stories of vendors not making a single sale for the day. While this has never happened to us, this day was just about as bad. During the entire day, we sold a single bar of men’s soap. We had a lot of people stop and look and take a business card, but our today gross sales for the day was $8.

Days like this can be discouraging. However, it is important to remember all of the factors that go into a sales day. On this day, this venue did not bring out our customer demographic. The people that shopped there were shopping for something other than what we had to offer. That’s okay.

We have had other days where we had minimal expectations. One of the most memorable was early on in our business. We were participating in a show at a church. Of course, on the day of the show a tropical storm was brewing and due to hit Houston. Needless to say, it rained all day. In fact, in poured. But for some reason, sales were awesome.

We figured that people would be reluctant to leave their homes on such a stormy day and opt to snuggle on their couch at home. But they were all out that day.

You never can tell if a day is going to be good or bad. Even if other people tell you that a market is great for them, you may have another experience simply because you sell different products.

While the day’s sales might have been disappointing, we never would have known without trying. It was worth it just to give it a try and Monica and I could spend the day together. We also had the opportunity to see a new part of town that we don’t spend a lot of time in. While sales may not have been great, it was still an excellent day.


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