Should I Stay or Should I Go?


There will be times that you will need to make decisions about whether to go to a market or not. It is easy to make a decision and then wonder if it was the right one. Once a decision is made, all you can do is move forward.

This past weekend we were scheduled to be at a local market. We have worked with the organizer before and she does a great job with her markets. I was looking forward to it because it was at a local pub and their food menu looked amazing! I was all set for some fish and chips.

I woke up Saturday morning and it was pouring. Of course it was early and the market wasn’t scheduled for a few hours. We turned on the local news channel and waited for the forecast. The forecast was dire. The weatherman said that we had bands of rain coming in from the gulf, but when he mentioned the possibility of tornadoes, my decision was made.

Monica, in bed with the last stages of the flu, let the organizer know that I wasn’t going to be able to make it. We still had a few hours until the market started but we know that the weather forecaster in Houston is always right, right?

As the weather started to clear and result in a minor drizzle, I was thinking about whether I made the right decision. We made a commitment to the organizer that we chose not to meet. We not only want to ensure our inventory isn’t ruined because of weather, but we also want to have great relationships with the organizers and the community. Sometimes, there just isn’t any good decision, only an option between bad ones. I went back and forth on my decision for the rest of the morning. In short, I wasted emotional energy in a place where it didn’t need to be spent.

However, the weather turned out to be a great day to take pictures outside. So, I worked on the website all day long in my efforts to get it moved to Shopify. That took the entire weekend to accomplish and there is still a lot that needs to be completed, but I ended the weekend with a great deal accomplished and a lot of checkmarks next to the items on my todo list.

Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining. While we didn’t make any money at a market, we did get a lot accomplished on the website. After I got over whether or not I made the right decision, I got a lot done.

The point is, right or wrong, once you make a decision, you can’t go back and re-make that specific decision. You can only make decisions with the information at hand. And of course, the weather forecasts are always 100% right.

See you at market!


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