Finally Found! Best Vendor Chair

In our search for the most comfortable, yet functional and well-priced chair that we can take to market, we have gone through many options. We have finally found the one that I think is the best. You can get them too!

I wrote about the importance of bringing a chair to make life easier in this article. Being a market vendor is hard with long days in the heat or in the cold. You must make your vendor life as easy as possible on yourself. Having a comfortable chair at market is an absolute necessity.

The Franklin bar stool with backrest from Ikea is comfortable, easily transportable, and well-priced. I love it. For about twice the price of the cheap metal bar stools that you can get from Walmart that fall apart quickly, you can get a great looking chair that sits high allowing you a premium view of your booth. They also have an elegant feel about them instead of a tailgate feel like the collapsible camping chairs. They will fit in with any booth display.

Monica found these online a while back after a young woman leather vendor shared her thoughts with us at a market in Austin. They are a fantastic find.

The nice thing about them (other than having a backrest) is that they sit up high so you can view your booth at eye level instead of crotch level with the typical folding chairs. Also, since you sit up high, you are not fighting gravity all the time to stand up. I know that some of you might not understand this yet, but fighting gravity all the time takes its toll on your knees.


  • Well-priced at $30
  • Can order online and have them shipped to you
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Tall
  • Has a backrest and footrest
  • Comfortable
  • Collapsible and easily transportable
  • They are sturdy and appear very durable


  • Ikea doesn’t have an affiliate program so I don’t get any revenue for the referral (bummer)

Click here to view at the Ikea website.


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