Making Quick and Easy Items for Sale


When I first started considering making things to sell at art markets, craft markets and vintage markets, I went to a woodworking show. One of the seminars was a Q&A session with someone who makes bowls for sale at these markets. I’ll always remember a key piece of advice from him.

He said that trying to make a living at woodworking is very difficult to do. You put a lot of time into making something with the hope of selling it for more than it costs you to make and that you can get paid for the time it took to make it. During this discussion, he offered this one piece of advice that I will never forget.

“Make things that are easy and quick, have mass appeal, and can sell for a profit. The rest of the time you can work on more complex projects.”

With that in mind, I’ve been working on making things that are in line with his advice. Below is a video I want to share of how I make patent art that appeals to the customers at shows that are looking for rustic, modern industrial, or even steampunk decor.

Enjoy and see you at market!



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