Confused About Available Resources?


As the majority of us vendors are sitting at home struggling with maintaining focus for the foreseeable future, there has been a lot in the news about resources available for your business. You (and I) have questions such as “Do I qualify?” or “How do I apply?” or a myriad of others.

I don’t know the answers to your questions or even my own, but I did get this email from Faire today. They seem to have a lot of advice on where to go for answers.

Note that there are a lot of links in the original email that did not cut and paste correctly so you may want to go to the original email. The link to the original email is here.


Last month, the COVID-19 outbreak escalated in a way that was unexpected and overwhelming. Faire’s been closely monitoring the needs of our customers through ongoing surveys and open communication.

We’ve also been compiling news, publishing resources, and making changes to our policies to support our community. Here’s a complete recap of information available from Faire to help you stay informed and make decisions about your business.
The latest news
The application for the Payment Protection Program (PPP), one of the two options for significant—and possibly free—funding from the $2 trillion stimulus package, is now open! We’re anticipating high demand, so if you’re considering this program, please act now. We’ve laid out the most relevant information for you here.

Resource hubs & tools

We’ve created new pages on the Faire site to help you keep track of the most important resources and tools available to you. We recommend bookmarking these pages so you can reference them regularly.
COVID-19 retailer resource
Financial planner for retailers
Small business relief from the CARES Act

We’re sharing detailed information about how to take action during the crisis on our blog. Below are the articles we’ve published so far—visit The Storefront each week to see what’s new.
Immediate Steps for Local Retailers During COVID-19
Financial Calculator Measures the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Business
What the $2 Trillion Stimulus Means for Your Business
COVID-19 Resources for Canadian Independent Retailers
How to Navigate Your Rent and Lease Options During COVID-19
Federal Relief is Available – Here’s What You Need to Know

Faire’s policy updates

We care about your business, so we’ve extended free returns by 30 days on outstanding orders placed on or before March 13, 2020. This means that returnable orders due April 12, 2020 can be returned to Faire until May 12, 2020 at no extra cost. To receive this benefit, request an extension on the orders page in your Faire account before the order’s current due date.


Our team built two spreadsheets listing financial resources by U.S. state that we’re keeping up-to-date for your use.
U.S. commercial rent assistance programs
U.S. emergency loan and tax relief programs
We’ll continue to keep you informed when it comes to new updates, resources, and relief opportunities. To be part of the conversation, join our community forum for retailers.

We’re in this together, and Faire is here to help.

Be well,
The Faire Team

Stay home, stay safe.



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