Miscellaneous Supplies to Carry


There is a slew of other supplies that you may need depending on your setup. These supplies make it easier for you to manage your display as well as are handy to have around.

Some things you want to consider include:

  • Small trash can with trash bags
  • Tarps to cover your products if it starts to rain
  • Small notebook and pen to jot down customer information or ideas as they come up
  • Basic tool set to make repairs when necessary
  • Pocket knife or snips to cut cable ties
  • Cable ties are an indispensable universal connector for securing signs and hanging cords.
  • Small spring clamps to secure the table cloth to the legs of your table on windy days. Get the cheap ones because my spring clamps keep disappearing as I constantly loan them out to others. They are also a fantastic solution for lightweight hanging items. You can also clamp them to your tent frame to hang stuff from as a temporary solution.
  • Clothes pins to pin down light items that tend to blow away in the breeze
  • Bungee cords are always needed for something and are great to have in your solution arsenal.
  • Paper towels to clean up any messes. Keep in mind that you are going to spend the entire day at the market and you will probably hit up a food truck or two. The food is one of my favorite parts of many markets we go to.
  • Toilet paper and sanitary wipes. This is for the markets that may have porta-potties for restrooms.
  • Portable USB power solutions to recharge your phone or your tablet if necessary. Make sure you charge them between markets. We have two because they are very easy to forget by leaving it charging at home. At the market is a horrible time to have your phone or tablet die on you.

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