Do You Need a Cash Register?

Cash is king at a farmer’s market. All transactions are done in cash. Or are they? In today’s environment, cash is becoming less of a form of payment than credit and debit cards. Most people are just like Monica and me. We rarely carry cash on us but prefer to do the majority of our buying using our debit cards. This is becoming prevalent at markets and shows as well so you need to consider how you are going to process non-cash financial transactions.

During your market you will hopefully make many sales. How are you going to collect money and offer change? You will need a cash register of some sort. Your cash register may be an actual cash register, a cash box or even a fanny pack for you to make change from.

We use a basic cash box. The cash box allows us to easily make change when required. Along with the cash box, we have a money pouch with extra cash in it to make change for larger bills when necessary.

A fanny pack could easily replace our solution and may be best for you. The biggest benefit of a fanny pack to handle cash is that it is always on you and the chances of theft are dramatically reduced. We have never had an issue with theft of cash but one of us is always in the booth watching over things.

For non-cash transactions, technology has come a long way. There are a ton of different ways to process a transaction other than cash. Our favorite is Square by Their payment system is really easy to use, has inventory management and you can create a rudimentary website with their services as well.

Using an app on a phone or tablet as well as a card reader, we can process credit cards and debit cards like a pro. The readers that Square supplies will also process Samsung Pay and Apple Pay as some customers have taught us recently.

However, there are many other technologies that exist and more are added every day. Here is a partial list of the ones that I know about.

I cannot endorse any of these except to say that Square works great for us. You needs may be vastly different than our but this is a good place to start doing some research to find the solution that works for you. This list is only partial and there are many, many more technologies that may be better suited for you.

One thing to do is ask other vendors what they use and what works and doesn’t work for them. They probably know things that I don’t!

Do your research and make the right decision that works for you and your business.

See you at market!



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