Your Packaging


Imagine you are at the market and you just made a sale. Congratulations! Now ask yourself how you are going to deliver it to them? Do you just pass it over the table and put it in their hands or do you put it in a bag or a box? If you are selling something the size of a watermelon, then you will probably just put it in their hands. If it’s something the size of garlic bulb, then you want bags to put them in.

Sweet 7's Packaging
Sweet 7’s Packaging

Sweet7 sells cake balls at markets – Yummmm! When people buy their cake balls, instead of just stuffing them into a plastic bag, they have boxes to put them in. They know that people tend to buy their cake balls in groups of 6 or 12 so they have multiple sizes of boxes to accommodate these sales. When people walk around market with these easily recognizable boxes in their hands, they are providing free advertising for Sweet Seven.

How you package your product for delivery after the sale is entirely up to you but you don’t want to forget any packaging that you may need at your market. Don’t forget paper or plastic bags, packaging boxes and tissue paper or bubble wrap if necessary.


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