Our Labels Suck

We have been having issues with our labels. We print them on an expensive laser printer that we’ve had for several years. So we decided to invest $4000 in a real label printer.

Developing a Branding Strategy with 99Designs.com

Developing your logo can be one of the most important decisions you make regarding your business in the long-term. Over time your customers recognize your logo and your brand. Since you are doing such a good job, this is a great thing!

Our Struggle with Packaging

When we started selling at markets, we figured that if we put what we were selling on a table and someone bought it, we would just put it in a bag and hand it over.

Your Packaging

Imagine you are at the market and you just made a sale. Congratulations! Now ask yourself how you are going to deliver it to them? Do you just pass it over the table and put it in their hands or do you put it in a bag or a box? If you are selling something…