Our Struggle with Packaging

When we started selling at markets, we figured that if we put what we were selling on a table and someone bought it, we would just put it in a bag and hand it over.

As it turns out, there is much more it than that. Some items, like cutting boards and pottery can simply be placed on a table or shelf then when it is sold wrapped in tissue paper and bagged or boxed up. Other items like soap, pens and razors are a bit more complicated. It’s not always appropriate to just throw them in a bag.

We’ve realized that packaging is a very important part of our strategy.

For our soaps, we are currently wrapping them by hand in coffee filters with print-your-own labels. While it looks really nice, it limits our ability to sell in retail. When we set our soaps out at a market, we keep a sample with them so people can see what they look like. The samples they can pick up and smell too.

Our skin care products are bottled with the print-your-own labels as well.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with our packaging, we realized that it is time to step it up a bit.

0426171643_HDRJust the other day we received a package from Your Box Solution with some samples in it! We are so excited but now we have to make some decisions about packaging.

This first picture is a sample from the work they do with existing customers. I did not know that there was such a wide variety of packaging available!
0426171643a_HDRThe second picture is a sample of the finish types on their packaging. From matte to high gloss, the choice plays a part in our branding. Its going to be tough decision.

Wherever you are in your packaging, it will probably change over time. Your packing will become part of your brand and as your brand grows and evolves, so will your packaging.



Your Box Solution (www.YourBoxSolution.com)

ULine (www.uline.com)

Custom Kraft Box (www.CustomKraftBox.com)

Short Run Labels (www.ShortRunLabels.com)

CPS (ContainerAndPackaging.com)



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