There’s So Much To Do, I Can’t Get Anything Done!

When you start a small business selling at weekend markets and shows you start out thinking that you can make things all week and then sell them all weekend. That’s not quite true when you start to grow past a certain point.

In fact, there is so much to do that I can’t seem to get any work done. I’ve been spending my time today doing administrative tasks such as web site updates and updating our email system. We are also evaluating packaging and working on updating our logos. Now I need to make some product to go in that packaging!

We have a couple of markets coming up in just a few days but luckily, I still have some inventory ready to go. I guess some is better than none.

When you grow your business, don’t underestimate the administrative work required. However, if you set aside time to do it on a regular basis, it becomes much easier. Tracking expenses, updating your accounting records, keeping the website up-to-date is far easier if you do it often instead of waiting until the last minute. Not only that, but you have a better handle on your business on an ongoing basis.



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