I Was On TV!


For the month of April, we have been invited to Syndey Dao’s Launch retail store in downtown Houston. Launch is a pop-up boutique sponsored by Houston First to showcase Houston’s diverse and talented creative community in design and fashion.

Today was an opportunity to talk about Launch and my products in Launch on live TV!

Being in a TV studio is really neat. This particular TV studio is actually a really small space inside the Houston Galleria. This space is dedicated to the one hour show “Houston Life” that airs daily on KPRC. What really struck me is how many people are actively involved in making a TV show.

The place was bustling with activity and I didn’t know who anyone was other than the people from Launch. There were people with cameras, people with microphones, people doing makeup and people sitting inside the tiny control room.

Having been a corporate trainer, I’ve been in front of crowds before and even been on TV a time or two. This was different. This time I was talking about me and my stuff. It is much different talking about yourself in front of a TV camera than representing another company or just being in the background.

The smartest thing I did today though was going to the restroom just minutes before we were to be on the air. As the time grew nearer, I could feel the need even though I’d already gone just minutes before. I knew that I was at risk of wetting myself in front of a live studio audience (even if they were the over 60 beauty queen contestants of Pasadena, Texas)!

Part of being in business for yourself is putting yourself out there. You have to be able to push aside the insecurities that you many have and represent yourself in the best light possible. Opportunities like this will present themselves to you. My first reaction to the opportunity was to say “no”, but Monica always says that we have to always say “yes” and figure the rest out later.

Oh, did you know that a Green Room doesn’t necessarily mean that the room is green?


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