Shoes Matter

After spending a weekend setting up our booth, selling at markets, tearing down and unloading, it is common for us to hobble around for a day or so because our feet and legs hurt so much. No amount of ibuprofen seems to help.

Monica suggested getting new shoes. For you women out there, you already know how important shoes are. Being a guy, it didn’t seem to matter that much. I am more than willing to admit, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

After doing some research, Monica found that all the orthopedic sources suggested that New Balance shoes were the best for what we are doing. So we went to the outlet mall and the New Balance store there.

It was suggested that the New Balance running shoes were going to work the best for me. I’m not a runner, but apparently I put the same types of strain on my feet and legs that a marathon runner does. However, costing $150 a pair, it seemed like a lot. Remember, I am a guy and most of my shoes I got on sale for $29.99 before using a coupon. After a lot of indecision, she finally talked me into getting a pair of these shoes. She benefitted though because with the buy one, get one at half price, she got a pair of shoes too!

This past weekend, we were on our feet for three days straight. I was in my new shoes from New Balance. We worked harder this weekend that we normally do and we work pretty hard on the weekends. I walked the entire market several times and made multiple trips to unload and load the truck and trailer.

What I found absolutely amazing is that I didn’t want to cry because my feet and legs hurt so bad. I was up the next day without any hobbling about and it seemed like a normal day.

If you are going to be serious about being a vendor, you MUST find the pair of shoes that work best for you. Your feet, legs and back will thank you for it.

No. I am not getting sponsorship from New Balance or anyone else. I am not advertising for them, but those shoes did wonders for me. I hope you find shoes that do the same for you.

See you at market!

Enjoy my fun little video…


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